Therapy for individuals,
couples & students

Resolve emotional issues and improve your mental health and sense of well-being, all in a supportive space, focussed on expat needs

work related & academic issues
psychological services & counselling
EPA – employee assistance programme
ADHD assessment & diverse tests

Expat psychologist the Netherlands

Expat Psychologist in the Netherland situated in The Hague, Leiden, and Amsterdam – private International practice provide a range of services that include individual, couple counselling, international students of diverse backgrounds, psychological and psychodiagnostic assessments, testing ADHD, providing EAP -employees assistance, and much more. We will help you understand your emotions and use them as a guide to navigate your relationships and life choices.

We are passionate professionals driven by the mission of helping more people live a better and happier life every day. Our mission – making professional therapy accessible, affordable, and convenient — so anyone who struggles with life’s challenges can get help, anytime and anywhere. Our mission at Expat Psychologist Suisse is to be your partner in your health by providing you with comprehensive healthcare while fostering health empowerment and personal responsibility to help you achieve optimal psychological and physical wellness.

  • we don’t have a waiting list – you are our priority
  • our sessions refundable by majority International (student) insurances
  • we speak your language
  • transparent, affordable and accessible
  • coping skills after the first session

services & expertise

Happier life. Better relationships. Satisfying career. What are you looking for?

” We can’t solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them” – Albert Einstein. Psychology is so much more than just the “study of the mind.” We aim to reduce distress and to enhance and promote psychological well-being and to help you cope with various life stressors.

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