About Maria

Hi, my name is Maria Davydova, and I have resided in the EU for the past decade after being born and raised in Moscow. I hold an honours degree in clinical psychology from Moscow City Pedagogical University. I began my career working with addicted youth at the Moscow Psychoneurological Dispensary, aspiring to challenge myself in one of the most demanding fields.

Furthermore, I have gained experience working with adults, families, and couples throughout my professional journey. Indeed, my therapeutic approach predominantly incorporates cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) in individual consultations. On the contrary, with couples, I prefer to employ emotional-focused therapy (EFT).

Apart from my clinical work, I am the author and creator of psychological webinars that aim to aid individuals in coping with their new reality. Additionally, I have written various psychological articles for Russian magazines and websites.

Without a doubt, my philosophy is founded on the belief that people possess the ability to help themselves, and I offer my clients tools and exercises that can assist them even after therapy. Each of us is capable of accomplishing incredible feats, but we need to discover the appropriate motivation and approach. As a psychologist, I firmly believe people are resilient, strong, and intelligent. My role is to reveal these attributes to my clients and provide support in overcoming their challenges.

You are more than who you were. You can start over anytime. Like today!

– Positive Psychology